About Us

Hello and thank you for stopping by and checking out our about us section. We understand your time is valuable and we really do not want to waste it. In this section we will get right to the brass tacks with the who, what, why, and how of our company Humanity Brand Clothing Company.

Nick Watts & Eagle-Star Bowen Founders - Humanity Brand ClothingWho are we?

We are Nicholas Watts and Eagle-Star Bowen, the founders of Humanity Brand Clothing Company. We are two individuals with a shared passion for helping those that are struggling. We are a brand whose mission is to show everyone that they are wanted, needed and loved.

What are we?

We are a brand that believes giving back should be a life(style). Our belief is that we can create style  that is not only functional in day to day life but where you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve every time you put on an article of clothing designed by Humanity Brand clothing Company.


We chose this avenue because we want to bridge the gap between style, consumerism, and the spirit of giving back. We believe the way we can do that is to provide an avenue that allows you to give back in a way that fits into your busy on the go lifestyle needs.


We do this by creating stylish apparel that directly impacts local non-profits as well as individuals in need of a hand up in life. We create an environment that aims to help individuals get back on their feet and re-established as a productive member of society. We do this by donating a percentage of our profits to various non-profit organizations as well as employ and teach skills to those in need of another chance at a fruitful and successful life beyond their pasts.